Parathas Lounge Pure Vegetarian Restaurant

Best Pure Vegetarian Restaurant in London, UK. It's a perfect retreat for people who seek a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Great vegetarian food. Awesome ambiance. Tasteful, elegant decor. Wide range of offerings. The perfect restaurant for buffet, executive meals and lots of other attractive restaurant offers.

The Perfect Fine Dining Vegetarian Restaurant

Our restaurant's decor is tasteful, elegant and blends modern decor with aesthetic classical designs. Each of our restaurant are designed to give you an unparalled memorable experience in fine dining.

Parathas Lounge Pure Vegetarian Restaurant is a unique space in London, filled with love and positive energy. Come with an open mind, spend a relaxed time with us, and experience our fair trade, environment friendly food. We represents optimism for a sweet future, creativity and vitality. We are the first 100% vegan restaurant in London with a focus on promoting healthy eating and sustainable living.

"For Better Health, For Better Tomorrow" is our vision and guiding principle.

We are earthy yet sophisticated, we provide delicious & healthy fusion food by drawing on the simple traditions of cuisines from all over the globe. We treat employees fairly and conduct business in a way that's friendly to the environment and compassionate towards animals.

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Parathas Lounge Pure Vegetarian Restaurant's vegetarian food eateries are never a disappointment. Especially now when we see many people moving towards the concept of being pure vegetarian.


Best Chef

We've rounded up our favourite vegan chefs and personalities that are pioneering plant-based dining in the city.


150 Tables

Restaurant seating layout is a major component of your restaurant concept..


Special Offers

We have a wide variety of special offers designed to give you the best deals.


Please make sure you tell us if you have any ALLERGIES like nuts, lactose etc., so we can recommend dishes to you.